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Viber Messaging App is a totally free for the masses. This unique app has managed to gain the attention of lots of users all over the world. People love using Viber messaging app due to its interesting features. As a matter of fact, its competitions are working hard to include some of the features in Viber into their own utilities as well.

There are more than 500 million registered users of Viber, according to the official sources. With the passage of time, this figure will keep increasing. As of recent, Facebook even announced that they are trying to link marketers with their users. Too many people have totally ditched WhatsApp in support of Viber, as a result of privacy concerns.

Some of the Latest Updates Integrated into Viber Messaging App

It might look as if there are not a lot of differences in these messaging apps at a glance. However, when you look at Viber messaging app very closely, you will know the fine but subtle changes.

The developers of Viber app take all the measures to keep the apps updated in a regular manner. The newest edition of Viber application is available on the online marketplaces. By May 28, 2015, Version was rolled out by the company.

Some of the changes integrated or updated in the app by the developers in this new release.

1- Enhancements for the Tablet Users

Viber has steadily catered to communication requirements and needs of smart phone users, ever since its humble beginning back in 2010. This newest update has exceptional improvements that will make the tablet user happy.

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2- Easy Account Activation

This newest update of Viber app will make it easier to activate your account, particularly if you are using a tablet. With the easy account activation feature, you can now rejoice, particularly if you used to face problems while trying to get your account activated.

3- Improvement in the Quality of Videos and Calls

This is somewhat a self-explanatory update. Some amendments have been made by the app developers, in order for the Viber to use less bandwidth while making regular or video calls. If you have a limited data plan, such enhancements can be very useful. The update will allow you speak more while caring less about the overall data usage, with data prices rising every now and then.

4- Sharing Multiple Photos

When it came to sharing multiple photographs with their contacts, quite a number of users have reported that they have found it difficult. However, this newest and latest update will allow share numerous photos effortlessly in a much easier way.

5- Personalize the Groups

Viber messaging app allows you come up with numerous user groups. If you are one of those who wish to keep close contact with just a few selected friends, these groups are very useful. For example, family members that live in different countries can come up with a group of their own. Every member of this same group will be able to view the messages posted to the group. With the latest update, you can now add your own icons to these groups.

6- Message Priority

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This particular feature is pertinent to those who have smartphones running on the most up-to-date Android L OS. The priority of the message notifications can now be customized easily by the users.

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