Our Viber App Review

viber app review

With the rapid advancement of the technology, many instant messaging apps races together in delivering the most unique, high technology features that no other competitor has to offer. One of the successful apps that is able to deliver that kind of features is Viber. The app is available to download on Google Play Store and Appleā€™s App Store.

Compared to many of its competitor like Whatsapp or WeChat, Viber might seems to not have a lot to offer, but its ability to make a free call and message texting by utilizing VoIP line to bypassing any mobile carrier are something to be appreciated for. Albeit this nift feature will only works if the caller and recipient are both using Viber to communicate

Viber is Easy and lightweight to install

If you tried Viber for a first time, you will notice that you are not required to sign in or register an account in order to use this app. Instead, you are asked to provide your phone number to receive a verification code that will activates your Viber account. Upon inputting the verification code into the server, the app will scans through your phone address book and notes you any contacts that is using Viber. After the scan is completed, you are ready to go and choose to make a call or text message by selecting to use original mobile carrier service, or by using Viber apps in case your contact also use Viber too.

With Viber, Make Free Calls, Anywhere, Anytime

Arguably the most prominent feature of what Viber has to offer is its ability to make a free call and sending text messages free of charge from anywhere and anytime, even when you are travelling overseas. Viber is capable to do this feat by using Wi-Fi or 3G internet access which becomes the line where communications are made, while still using your GSM phone number. Since you are using your internet access to communicate, you do not need to worry with your mobile carrier charges or any roaming call fees; Viber runs perfectly fine and free of charge as long as you are connected to the internet. So try out now and tell us your experience with it.

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Enjoy this great messaging app!

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