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Viber Adds Shopping Feature to Sell Items Inspired by your Chats

If you are a Viber user and you love shopping too then you have two great reasons to rejoice. First, your favorite messaging app now has a new update which will make it multi-functional. Second, the update is an e-commerce

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All you need to know about Viber App latest Update

Viber Messaging App is a totally free for the masses. This unique app has managed to gain the attention of lots of users all over the world. People love using Viber messaging app due to its interesting features. As a

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Our Viber App Review

With the rapid advancement of the technology, many instant messaging apps races together in delivering the most unique, high technology features that no other competitor has to offer. One of the successful apps that is able to deliver that kind

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Viber Tips and Tricks: Delete Messages & Block Contacts

You can actually have any message you don’t want cleaned from the chat room. Nevertheless, this will only work on the side of the user where messages you have deleted will only be deleted on your device as it will

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Viber Tips and Tricks: Turn Off Notifications & Light Screen for Messages

You can disable your Android device screen, if you don’t like having it turning on every single time you receive a new Viber notification. When this is done, any new incoming messages will no longer light up your device screen

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Viber Tips and Tricks: Quickly Switch Between Conversations

You probably need to quickly change between chat rooms, if you have got a lot of conversations going on. Rather than going to the main page of the app every single time you want to switch chat rooms. (3 raters,

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